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A fact about Oscar: He was only three-years-old when his father, Oscar dos Santos Sr, was tragically killed in a car crash.

Oscar said: “You want to know your dad is watching your games, following your progress, even if it’s from afar. Football is something you share with your father, and that is something I do not have. I see other players who can do that with their dads and it still affects me, every day.”

Neymar during his visit to Santos FC’s training centre: “It’s wonderful to be here, it’s like being back at home. To be able to see all of my friends, everyone who worked with me, is a great honour. To be able to meet everyone is very motivating. I’d like to tell all the Santos FC fans, that I will be rooting for you, you know you are in my heart.

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Favorite Carolina & Davi pictures
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@davidluiz_4: Who was the worst in the championship?